The Best Way to Explore Hidden Places

A mirrored dance hall with heavy, red velvet curtains; a child-friendly café in an amateur improvisation theatre with the best petits fours in town; or a trashy amusement arcade that offers jazz concerts on weekends: every city has them - extraordinary places that suit you perfectly, usually only found by chance. Or by locals who tick like you do. These places can be discovered by investing many a long hour scouring the streets – or simply by visiting the NECTAR & PULSE travel platform.

Founders Tanja Roos & Carina Schichl

When you Google a place for inside information you encounter thousands of clichéd images of, for example, people surfing the standing wave on the Eisbach next to the Haus der Kunst art gallery in Munich. Or you will come across the super hip, NEST Hotel roof garden with its spectacular views over Amsterdam - a real Instagram classic. Tanja Roos and Carina Rabeian, founders of NECTAR & PULSE, do not go the Google route. They go directly to local people. "The best tips come from insiders who have the same interests as you do," says Carina. And that is precisely who they asked for local insights – at numerous locations around the globe. The result is a unique travel platform that provides authentic insights into the lives of some pretty original characters and - of course - into their favorite places.

Here’s how NECTAR & PULSE works: Users search for a matching "soul mates" on the platform. These are locals with lifestyles that match the interests of the searcher and they provide tips on bars, pubs and cafes, which are not part of any regular tourist guide. "We know all sorts of insiders," says Carina, "A small sample of these would, for example, include a Lisbon potter, a London photographer, a DJ sibling duo from Stockholm, Bohemians from Paris, a family from Berlin, a child from Munich, a model from New York, a hotelier from Tel Aviv, an so on ". The selected insiders are all fully aware of their alternative local scenes whether these have a cultural, creative or hip orientation. In this way a NECTAR & PULSE user can get a good feeling for a city from someone who ticks very much the same way you do. And the broad selection of characters available really does make it is easy to find a "soul-mate" who will help you discover urban jungles, natural oases and even entire coast lines that lie far from the beaten track of regular tourist spots. Currently, there are local insights available for Vienna, London, Berlin, Paris and Munich, among many other destinations featured at

You could also consider it a great opportunity to get on a bike and discover your own city from an entirely new perspective – assisted by the COBI System. The heart of this modular "Connected Bike" system is a holder on the handlebars for your smartphone with the COBI app installed on it. COBI’s cycling-optimized navigation system enables you to get around the city, away from car-flooded streets - down small lanes, through parks and around blocked roads. "Finding unusual, hidden, and authentic places can really enrich your life," says Carina, "Not to mention the fact that it’s loads of fun. We are overflowing with ideas and can’t wait to reveal new destinations," she said.

NECTAR & PULSE’s next mission: Travel Journals for the surrounding areas of enticing travel destinations – with something for everyone, of course, whether hippies, hipsters, business people or families. In addition to its extraordinary collection of advice, impresses with a unique selection of images for featured travel spots, locals and their lifestyles, as well as functional design and useful technical features. Tips from local soul mates can be easily downloaded as a printable PDF or saved directly to your mobile phone – and then integrated with your cycling-optimized navigation system. What’s more, if you encounter unusual places on your own travels, you too can apply to NECTAR & PULSE for the position of "Local soul mate".