6 Powerful Benefits of Bike Commuting

Whether it’s the convenience of skipping the search for a parking spot or the thrill of rolling downhill all the way to work, every cyclist has a motivation for getting on their bike. For these six global thought leaders, bikes have improved their lives immensely in simple ways. Hear from these friends of COBI on why biking in everyday life really matters to them:

1. Never Hunt for a Parking Spot

"I’m more nimble because of bike transportation” ― Alex Bogusky

Commuting by car can be fast, comfortable and direct, but what about parking? In a busy city where car congestion is maddening and parking is limited, Alex Bogusky, Co-Founder of Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Adweek’s ‘Creative Director of the Decade’, chooses to ride his bike out of convenience. With a bike, he never has to hunt for a parking spot, drive in circles or waste his time. Just coast right to the door of your destination, lock up the bike and be done.

Alex's Bike

2. Be Part of a Community

Inside MetierFrom Métier Racing and Coffee

For the bike-obsessed, cycling is a way of life and a source of community which is why, for David Richter, founder of Métier Racing and Coffee, it’s not about the bike but the world he has built around it. David is broadening the bike community by creating a hub for cyclists (and non-cyclists) to hang out, talk bikes, eat waffles, do yoga, exercise and expand on their hobbies together all under one roof. Thanks to David, there’s now a welcoming space for the bike-obsessed and the bike-newbies alike to come together.

"We are stepping outside the walls of Métier, putting ourselves out in the community and reaching out to connect all facets of cycling and beyond."― David Richter

3. Bike for a Low-Maintenance Lifestyle

For Skratch Labs Chef Lentine Alexis, biking has been a career, a means to see the world...and a means to deliver pies. And one thing she loves about using her bike as her primary form of transportation is how it makes her think twice about where she really needs to go, and thereby, what she really needs. She can leave out extraneous tasks and focus on the rhythm of her ride and the fun of cycling. Distraction free, full speed ahead. While some consider bike commuting limiting, Lentine considers it liberating.

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4. Take Pride in Your Ride

From Budnitz Bicycles

Finding the perfect bike for your commute can make all the difference. By carefully measuring out the right balance of weight, stability, comfort and style for your commuter bike, you can change the way you ride, and how often you ride. According to Paul Budnitz, founder of Budnitz Bicycles, it’s transformative to have a beautiful bike that functions perfectly. Investing the time to choose a bike that’s perfect for you, or better yet assemble one yourself, will make cycling a viable, fun option.

5. Clear Your Mind for Creativity

It’s no secret that physical exercise is healthy for the body and mind, and Michael Jager, Chief Creative Officer of Solidarity of Unbridled Labour has tapped into some of his best creative ideas while aboard a bike. For Jager, the bike has a way of transporting him to a new space and time, and the rhythm of cycling clears his mind for creative thought. Take it from the founding creative behind Burton Snowboards and the mastermind behind Maglianero Café: riding a bike will inspire you in ways you can’t see coming.

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6. Stay Sane and Gain Perspective

For David Kingsbury, Senior VP at New Hope Natural Media, riding his bike to work is a sanity mechanism. His daily bike commute journeys down thousands of feet of elevation and beautiful scenery, setting the tone for his entire day. While sub-zero temperatures may deter some bike commuters, winter riding sets David’s perspective on what’s difficult, and helps him brush off the stress at work. The days where he cycles under sunny skies with views of the Colorado Rockies aren’t so bad either. No matter the weather or terrain, swapping a frustrating car ride for an exhilarating bike ride is the perfect way to start the day.

"I’ve come up with so many ideas while biking, it moves you into another space and time. The rhythm of being on a bike definitely clears your mind for creative thought."― Michael Jager

Dave and his bike

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