Unlock Any Bike in the World with Spinlister

Discovering the best coffee shops, stumbling upon mind-bending wall art, or crossing an iconic bridge by bike are a few joys of pedaling your way through a new place. Seeing the world on two wheels allows quick and nimble mobility while keeping you at the helm of your steed. For the bike-obsessed, traveling to a new destination by any other vehicle just wouldn’t yield the same experience. Plus, where there are bikes there are new friends to be made. So how do you find the perfect ride and get the local beta on your new destination?

Meet Spinlister, an app that connects cyclists by providing a platform for listing personal bikes for rent. Similar to Airbnb, it’s built for travelers, locals or anyone who wants to borrow two wheels. People looking for bikes can pull up the app and within seconds, discover a variety of bikes, easily see the cost and discover where they’re located. The Brooklyn startup has quickly evolved into a global platform propelled by passionate cyclists in over 50 countries.

According to Andrew Batey, Spinlister’s Chief Marketing Officer, Spinlister is “the universal key to unlock any bike in the world.” Spinlister works anywhere in the world where a cyclist wishes to rent out their bike. No more Googling bike shops only to find a few less than appealing rental options, or worse, none at all. With Spinlister, riders can filter their search and find a variety of bikes from city cruisers and mountain bikes to triathlon and road.

Spinlister works anywhere in the world where a cyclist wishes to rent out their bike.

Some cyclists, especially triathletes, have found a unique use for Spinlister. What better way to shop for a new ride than testing out each contender for a day? Before dishing out $12,000 for a new bike, athletes can compare race bikes or take a mountain bike to the hills to make sure it’s the right size, model and make before purchasing.

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So what’s in it for the bike listers in this equation? Listers aren’t going to get rich off Spinlister, Batey points this out. Rentals run an average of $22 a day and Spinlister keeps a small percentage. For core cyclists like Batey, Spinlister offers a simple solution to pay off a new bike or make upgrades to an old steed. It’s no surprise that cyclists are protective of their bikes, which is why every bike on Spinlister is insured with $10,000 of damage or theft coverage.

If the monetary incentive isn’t the enticement of Spinlister, then what’s drawn thousands of people to join? “People on Spinlister are core riders who are very passionate and care about growing the cycling community,” Batey comments. “I met a rider in New York who rented through Spinlister during a 12 hour layover in Shanghai and I was super impressed because we haven’t focused any of our efforts there.” Not only did the rider find a bike to ride, he also shared a cup of tea with the lister.

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“After I show them the route I say, “why don’t we just go on a ride together.” ― Andrew Batey

The app not only connects riders to a bike, but to the locals who know the area, where to ride and find the best cafes, shops and breweries to stop at along the way. When renting out his own bike on Spinlister, Batey finds himself motivated to get out and enjoy the ride too. “After I show them the route I say, “why don’t we just go on a ride together.” He’s developed friendships with riders across the country that rent his bike whenever they’re in town and doesn’t hesitate to help them out if their travel plans change.

The passion-driven team of cyclists at Spinlister is continuously looking for ways to make it easier to become a bike enthusiast. A recent partnership allows VANMOOF bike owners to use a Spinlister run station-free bike share to rent their bikes. These VANMOOF bikes can be tracked and unlocked just by using the Spinlister app, essentially removing the operator from the process.

So, when you’re dreaming of your next ride, need to train for your triathlon while traveling or just looking to get out and about in the city on a new set of wheels, find the bike you actually want to ride. Find the local cycling community, get the beta on where to go and take a joy ride with Spinlister.