4 Incredible Ways that Cycling is Making Cities Better

From RFID detectors on bikes that literally give cyclists the green light, to cycling super highways that give cyclists a continuous, safe, route through congested cities, check out this round up of incredible innovations that are transforming these cities into better places to bike, and in turn, better places to live.

Cities Are Outgrowing the Automobile

Have we reached ‘peak car?' Lyon, London, Helsinki and other European cities are taking progressive measures to reduce automobile traffic. How? By harnessing the power of real-time data and smartphones.

"The goal is to re-balance the public space and create a city for people."― Gilles Vesco

Denmark Gives Cyclists the Green Light

Don’t want to wait at a red light anymore? Ride your bike. Aarhus, Denmark is testing new technology that will encourage more people to ride their bikes by providing cyclists the ultimate privilege on the road – continuous green lights.

London Planning A Bicycle Super Highway

City planners are transforming London into an even friendlier place to bike. The city plans to spend £900 million ($1.4 billion) on a bicycle path unique to any other commuter path in Europe.

Cities are beginning to realize that bicycles are an old technology with a very bright future.

Dubbed the East-West Cycle Superhighway, this ambitious project will give cyclists a continuous and clear path through central London.

Berlin's First (Mostly) Covered Intelligent Bike Path

Radbahn ("Wheelpath") has plans to transform the undeveloped path underneath the U1 rail line in Berlin into a bike commuter's dream by planting a "curtain of greenery" around the path to create an acoustic filter, set up bicycle repair service stations along the route – free of charge, and more.

Fun fact: "The energy for lights and other installations on the Radbahn will come from a pressure-sensitive surface material that will transform the friction from cyclists‘ tires into electricity." More.