Slim while you sit

The most attractive form of body styling

Cycling is the most attractive & healthy form of body styling. Whether you’re cruising around the city, enjoying a relaxed pedal through the countryside or down-hilling in the great outdoors – the bike is more than a flexible mode of transport: It also keeps your physical well-being "rolling". Best of all, while you’re having fun, body fat melts away and you build muscle into the bargain. And it doesn’t take long to start enjoying the benefits – because every ride has a positive effect on your muscles. It goes without saying that it strengthens the legs, but in addition, it also stabilizes trunk muscles in the abdomen and back, while shoulder and arm muscles also benefit from joint-friendly fitness. Fun with benefits!

COBI moment dashboard smartphone user interface

The smartphone as the center of everything

There are numerous apps and accessories that can assist you in making your bike an effective body shaper and fat burner, as well as a comfortable and practical way to get from A to B. App providers, offer various mobile, wireless fitness tracking devices – in the form of chest straps, arm bands or headphones – as well as useful applications for bike sports.
Nevertheless, pulling your smartphone out of your pocket while cycling is never a good idea. But with a suitable holder on your handlebars and the right app, you can use your smartphone as a bike computer – with the modular COBI system, for example. You can connect it to a variety of accessories and apps which convert your bike into a modern outdoor fitness machine. Not only does this give your training purpose, it also adds a pure fun factor.

COBI fitness chart connected services

The bike as a fitness device – helpful apps and wearables

Everything's under control – the personal fitness file
Noticeable progress is a powerful motivation booster, especially when it comes to fitness. Platforms such as Google Fit, Apple Health and Strava can be synchronized with COBI, as well as track and evaluate all bike activity.

A heartfelt affair – rich sound plus an integrated heart rate monitor

Today, headphones can deliver much more than the best sound. Two examples: Jabra Sport Pulse headphones offer great sound and measure heart rate via the inner ear. Completely cable less Bragi Dash headphones feature a motion sensor, a thermometer, and an optical sensor that measure values such as running distances, walking speed and cadence, as well as biometric body data such as heart rate or oxygen saturation.

COBI connecting head phones sensors and wearables

On the pulse – classic fitness tracking

Everyone – absolutely everyone – who trains intensively on a bike should have a heart rate monitor, no matter whether it works via in-ear headphones or with a classic chest strap. The main thing is to listen to your heart. Most products nowadays are all-rounders that record heart rate and pulse, as well as movement, fitness activities and sleep cycles. All Bluetooth® Smart / 4.x heart rate sensors can be connected to the COBI system.

Get into the adventure – route planning

There are a number of ingenious solutions for fitness tracking, as well as for the planning of sport-orientated routes. The best of these includes komoot, which has a round-trip and route planning service that identifies the best routes based on the desired duration, conditions, route characteristics and bicycle type. Our extra service: Personalized bike tours can be saved and transferred to the COBI navigation system and, if necessary, also be run offline.

It doesn’t matter which apps or accessories you use, whether you prefer to leave the car at home and go everywhere by bike, or enjoy planning longer bike tours or serious downhill trips in your spare time: Cycling is considered the ultimate fat burner. 💪 It's a healthy activity which, best of all, also makes you happy: After about 30 minutes of continuous cycling, your body starts releasing endorphins that lighten your mood.

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