The Unfiltered Joy of Riding a Pure Fix

Leaving the car behind, jumping on a bike and feeling the wind in your hair are a few of the simple joys that inspired Pure Fix Cycles.

Jordan Schau co-founded Pure Fix in LA with his brother and their two close friends. The goal was to celebrate all of the benefits that cycling offers, from better health to ease of transportation and most importantly, pure, unfiltered enjoyment. “Pure Fix’s mission is to get more people on bikes. We want to make bike commuting more approachable and turn more people onto biking,” says Schau.

Pure Fix’s mission is to get more people on bikes. We want to make bike commuting more approachable and turn more people onto biking.

Schau has a knack for solving problems with technology. He heads up the design team, built and runs the website and pioneered social media for Pure Fix. He starts most days with a 15+ mile ride to work on a Whiskey (a fixed gear bike with ostrich-blue deep dish wheels) then churns out graphics and dreams up new ideas for Pure Fix.

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Although Pure Fix started out making fixed gear bikes in 2010, they now make a wide variety of free wheel models in more than one gear. “At first we focused on the fixie rider,” says Schau, “but that rider wants different things than the everyday city bike commuter. We opened up our offerings with Pure City bikes that come in 3-speeds or 8-speeds.”

The Zulu is part of the Pure Fix GLOW series.

Things have taken off from there. They even offer the best of both worlds with the flip-flop hub. This hub allows bikes to be easily transitioned between fixed and freewheeled just by flipping the back wheel. Another innovative step that sets Pure Fix apart is their new line called GLOW. Exactly what it sounds like, you can choose from a variety of bikes painted with solar-active paint so your bike literally glows after a little time in the sun.

Host Amanda on Pure Fix TV.

Beyond building beautiful bikes, Pure Fix has created an engaging online cycling community with a solid following. Jump over to Pure Fix TV to see episodes on everything from how to pop a wheelie to bike maintenance tips and the best way to ship a bike. “This is a place where both an experienced cyclist and someone curious about cycling can find useful information and learn,” says Schau.

Schau admits that Pure Fix bikes are photogenic and their fans agree. Explore Pure Fix social media and you’ll find throngs of fans hashtagging photos of their bikes #purefix and battling it out for Rider of the Week on Instagram. The Pure Fix Blog is also a wealth of information where you can get the low down on commuting accessories, new bikes, functional fashion and much more.

Doing everything they can to remove the barriers and get more people on bikes, Pure Fix sells their bikes in stores and online. When ordering online, you can choose to have your bike sent to you disassembled in a box or fully assembled and ready to go. So with the click of a mouse, you too, can get fixed up and ready to go.

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