Why 2017 is the Best Year for Biking

2017 is THE year to put "bike more" on your list of New Year’s resolutions. Here’s why.


More bike lanes, bike paths, light-up paths, super-highways, and traffic-stopping motion sensors means more freedom and more safety for cyclists in 2017. The first segment in Germany’s 62-mile system just opened between Duisburg and Hamm. Poland is developing solar-powered bike paths that glow bright blue at night to light the way for cyclists. Salt Lake City, Utah, became the second city in the US after Davis, California, to design protected intersections for cyclists, lowering the stress level for cyclists, making them more visible to drivers, and reducing turning conflicts.

Now more than ever, innovative infrastructure for cyclists worldwide is gaining speed and it’s only going to get better.

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When was the last time you went shopping for a bike? We bet you’ll be impressed by what’s available these days. Bikes are becoming increasingly functional, smart, convenient, and connected.

They fold. They’re solar powered. They’re smartphone-ready. And they’re electric. Global e-bike sales are expected to grow to at least 40 million in 2023, according to Navigant Research.
GazelleNL C7 HMB e-bike by Gazelle.

Try using a cargo attachment on your bike that will essentially convert it into a mini van. Check out the Bill Trailer, made by Surly. The hitch system is designed to fit most bikes and it’s great for hauling heavy loads. And Nihola’s Family Cargo bike is great for hauling your children.


You simply look better on a bike than you do stuck in a traffic jam. Enough said.


Biking is good for you. You probably know that already. Some studies claim bike commuting is even more effective than a trip to the gym.

“It may be more realistic to accumulate physical activity through active transport than by adding exercise to weekly leisure-time routines.” Center for Advancing Health

Bike on a regular basis? You could live longer. You’ll definitely feel better about yourself. Your heart will be happier– even trips of ten minutes or less can add up to prevent high blood pressure. Plus, biking is a low impact activity, so it might be something you can do even if you suffer from chronic pain, have bad knees, or are worried about your joints.

COBI is the only hardware/software solution that works automatically with AppleHealth. Use this feature to keep track of how many miles you’ve traveled by bike, and you’ll likely be motivated to ride even more.


Waylon Lewis, a dedicated bike commuter who lives in Boulder, Colorado, claims that he is popular in his community literally because he is out and about on his bike all the time.

Feeling disconnected from your community, lonely, or simply wanting to meet new people? Make friends with people around you, and make friends with your bike, by taking your constant companion for a spin downtown.

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Finding the best way around your city by bike is getting easier, too. Our favorite navigation app is integrated into the COBI connected biking system.

The COBI app uses OpenStreetMap, where over 1 million users are updating and editing the most accurate and usable map for cyclists. It shows cycling routes, takes into account the latest biking infrastructure in your area and shows useful amenities along your route. Save your favorite route, or select the quietest route or the fastest route.

And with the COBI handlebar mount for your smartphone, you can get turn-by-turn directions without having to fumble for your phone in your pocket or your pack, and you don’t even have to take your hands off the handlebars if you set your route before you begin your ride.


When you bike, you’re putting cash back in your wallet. Bike to work more often, and maybe you’ll find yourself saving your cash for better things, like a trip to Cuba!


Above all? Biking is time well spent. For Michael Jager, the founder of Solidarity of Unbridled Union, a creative agency based in Burlington, Vermont, time on his bike sparks creativity. For Dave Kingsbury, VP at New Hope Natural Media, it’s a great way to reset and de-stress between work and home. Some folks even love to travel by bike– try exploring a new city by checking out a bike sharing programs like CitiBike or rent a bike from a local using Spinlister.

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