Métier: Holistic Living for Bicyclists in Seattle

Métier Racing and Coffee is a brand new bike shop, café, training gym, yoga studio, cycling club, and bike service center in Seattle, Washington. Bringing authenticity to the name Métier– literally defined as "one's calling"– Todd Herriott and David Richter, the founders, wanted to create a place that was more about the lifestyle of cycling than about cycling itself, where anyone can hang out, not just cyclists.

Everything at Métier is best-in-class and meticulously curated. It’s all-encompassing, and each segment, which could stand alone – the shop, the gym, the café, the training studio – is under one roof. One could do calisthenics and have coffee here in the morning, come back in the afternoon for yoga, come back and ride the rollers the next day, have a smoothie and then have a massage.

Todd Herriott and David Richter, Métier founders, wanted to create a place that was more about the lifestyle of cycling than cycling itself, where anyone can hang out, not just cyclists.

eric wallace david richter

Eric Wallace from Métier and David Richter, one of the founders, tells us more about the concept.

How did you decide which services to have at Métier?

We took a snapshot of our daily lives, thinking about all that we do as cyclists everyday, and wanted to integrate those things into a central hub. Cyclists race bikes, get coached, go to yoga, get a coffee, work out in the gym, get a beer, and usually all these places are across town from each other. So the idea was to put it all under one roof and have a clubhouse and do everything together. Throw holistic services like massage, acupuncture, or physical therapy into the mix, and you really don’t have to leave.

Is a co-working space coming next?

Ha, yes, and we’ve got apartments we’re building right now, too, and then you really won’t have to leave! [jokes]

Some people came down recently from Canada for some testing. They got here early at about 7 am and ended up leaving at 9 pm. They were at Métier all day, and still didn’t want to leave. There’s always something to do.

What’s been the most exciting thing about Métier so far?

The coolest thing we have seen is that a lot of people from the industry, either fellow bike racers or reps or people who’ve been around a long time, who didn’t really visit each other before are showing up now, they wanna stay and talk to people they haven’t seen a while.

We’ve made it clear to all the other sales reps, shop owners, team and club guys around town that we want this to be the hub. No matter your affiliation, no matter the company you work for, the shop you work for, the team you race for, we want Métier to be very open and very transparent, somewhere that people want to be, not standoffish like a lot of bike shops tend to be with each other.

What’s in Métier for the average bicycle commuter in Seattle?

What we’re trying to put across to the typical consumer – this is REI territory, by the way – is that you can get around on a proper bike, look good, and feel good. Most commuters here are wearing big yellow tyvek jackets flapping in the wind, and their bikes don’t work properly, but they’re biking every day, which is awesome.

We are going to allow them some choices in the shop and show more people that commuting is actually a viable option. We want to up the level completely. Before, our main client was the racer, but now we’ll have the commuter too. We sell a lot of beautiful, cool, city bikes now.

Best thing on the menu in the café?

The waffles! You don’t see waffles very often – but they go well with the European race scene.

Metier waffles

It just feels good to come in and watch a bike race on the big screen and eat some waffles. We spent about ten days working through the waffle recipe with Eric Cockrell, our chef, trying different versions.

Sandwiches, soups, and other things on the menu will change, but we’ll always have the waffles. Our other signature items are our bison pastrami sandwich and homemade pretzels.

Plus, there’s no question we have the best coffee in Seattle.

You say you make the best coffee in Seattle? That’s a bold statement...

No question. We have five rotating roasters. Two local coffee roasters we work with, Slate and Elm, another from San Francisco called Sightglass, one from Sacramento, Temple, and our house blend comes from a roaster in Kona– Daylight Mind.

In terms of espresso drinks, we have a beautiful manual machine for pulling perfect shots. When we first got it up and running, we brought in the expert on this specific machine and he spent seven days with the staff just training the baristas on the machine. Then our baristas spent 3 weeks non-stop practicing on the machine before they pulled a single shot for the public. For a couple weeks there, we were giving whoever was walking by and happened to stumble in free shots. They were pretty happy about that.

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What are some of your favorite cycling essentials that you personally carry?

Everything we sell in the shop would be or is in our personal garage. Since we’re not just selling race bikes anymore, we carry more things for the everyday cyclist. We have more crossover clothing now, and we especially love Parker Dusseau.

We also love goods from Portland Design Works for fenders, cargo and other bike accessories.

Everything we sell in the shop would be or is in our personal garage. Since we’re not just selling race bikes anymore, we carry more things for the everyday cyclist.

Advice for other places trying to create community for cycling the way you have through Métier?

A lot of bike shops talk about being involved… and maybe they donate a prize to a race or cause, but we really want to be more involved than that. We are getting on the political level, we’re hosting evening fireside chats, reaching out to the messenger community, bike polo community, racing community, trying to bring together everyone who rides a bikes.

Bike shops tend to be very closed. They say you need to come to us, and we’ll support you once you walk in the door, whereas we are stepping outside the walls of Métier, putting ourselves out in the community and reaching out to connect all facets of cycling and beyond.

To learn more about Métier, head over to their website: http://metierseattle.com/