Bikes and Beer: The Hopworks BikeBar

We travelled to the Hopworks BikeBar in Portland, Oregon to see how perfectly a pair of local favorites—biking and breweries—can come together so perfectly to create something that stretches far beyond tires and taps.

Scattered above the BikeBar at Hopworks Brewery in Portland, Oregon is a wide array of bike frames, each with their own individual scan-able code. These codes not only tell customers a little bit about the bike and its manufacturer, but also where they can go purchase the bike themselves. Each bike—represented by a rainbow of colors and styles—is from a local bike maker that doesn’t have a showroom of their own. Instead, their bikes are put on display at the BikeBar, in hopes for a little extra recognition for Portland-area based bike makers and brands.

It doesn’t hurt that below these sleek, new frames is a wall of some of the city’s finest beer.

That’s Hopworks in a nutshell: a brewery doing its part to give back to the community that has helped it become so successful. They employ members of their Pacific Northwest community, they house themselves in a green-certified, energy-efficient building, and they make some the best beer around. It’s a perfect combination of what Portland does best.

The BikeBar at Hopworks opened in 2011 in North Portland, and that location is no accident. They settled in on North Williams Boulevard, one the biggest bike highways in Portland. Their building is ultra-efficient energy-wise, and they’ve found some pretty interesting, bike-centric ways to help make that happen. One way utilizes the two stationary bikes locked up outside of their front door. By pedaling for 15 minutes, you won’t just help power the brewery, you’ll get yourself $1.00 off any beer on tap. Sadly, there’s a $4.00-per-day maximum, without which their building might be able to power itself entirely by beer and pedals.

The bar itself offers world-class organic beer and fresh food in a biker-friendly atmosphere. You can lock up your bikes inside or outside, and merely sitting down gives you a chance to interact with tons of local bike gurus—either those behind the bar or in the seat next to you. You can relax and enjoy some of their finest local favorites like the Gear Up IPA and the Organic Hub Lager.

By pedaling for 15 minutes, you won’t just help power the brewery, you’ll get yourself $1.00 off any beer on tap.

Interested in even more local, bike-friendly interaction? Hopworks plays host to tons of local tours (both brewery and bike) and rides around the city and beyond. With a huge mix of music and food festivals, fresh beer releases and area bike rides, they make sure to cater to every need a biker could have.

So whether your just flying through PDX (Portland’s highly-beloved, small-yet-super cool airport), or you’ve got a few days to visit while touring through the Pacific Northwest, we highly recommend a trip to Hopwork’s BikeBar on North Williams Boulevard. Bike and beer lovers alike will not be disappointed.

About Hopworks: Christian Ettinger founded the brewery in 2007 and remains their resident Brewmaster nearly 10 years later. Having started brewing out of his parent’s kitchen, it wasn’t long before he opened up his own brewpub and began working at the Eugene City Brewery, in Eugene, Oregon. Hopworks has two locations, both in Portland, another currently under construction in Vancouver, Washington, just across the Columbia River.

The Hopworks Mission: To revolutionize and inspire the brewing industry with practices that drive quality, protect the environment, and improve the community they live in.