5 Surprisingly Simple Solutions to Encourage More People To Bike Commute

What are some simple things that people can do to make cycling more of an everyday thing? We asked a few dedicated commuter cyclists who also happen to be global thought leaders about simple solutions that would encourage more people to swap their cars for bikes. They share their ideas.

1. A Beautiful, Functional, Well-Made Bike

According to Paul Budnitz, Founder of Budnitz Bicycles, it’s transformative to have a beautiful bike that functions perfectly and it makes cycling so much more fun. It also helps you feel safe. Loving your bike makes an enormous difference in the ride experience. Chainless, grease-free, quiet and sleek, Budnitz Bicycles are top of the line, custom built titanium bikes that emerged from the prowess of a cyclist and the versatility of an inventor.

"It’s transformative to have a beautiful bike that functions perfectly! It makes cycling so much more fun and helps you feel safe. Loving your bike makes an enormous difference.” ― Paul Budnitz

When Paul Budnitz set out to create the world’s greatest city bicycle, he considered the most notable inconveniences in commuting and solved them. Incorporating rust free, titanium components into each bike, Budnitz prioritizes the longevity and ease of movement for each commuter. Every bicycle comes with Gate Carbon Drive Belts, instead of traditional chains that are almost impossible to derail and nearly indestructible. If you’re looking for your dream commuter, consider building yours with Budnitz.

Titanium frame, Budnitz BicycleBudnitz Model No.1 from Budnitz Bicycles

2. A Detachable Bike Basket

Alex Bogusky, founding partner of world-renowned ad agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, recommends a simple add-on to your bike that will make every day bike commuting more convenient: a removable bike basket that you can take into a store with you, like PUBLIC Bikes Farmers Market Basket. As its name eludes, the basket’s most valuable quality is its transportability– when you’re ready to hop off your bike, bring the basket with you.

"The founder of PUBLIC Bikes, Rob Forbes, created a bike where the basket mounts on the bike and is easily removable, so it doubles as a bag you bring in the grocery store. It's epic.” ― Alex Bogusky

PUBLIC Bikes Farmers Market BasketFarmers Market Basket from PUBLIC Bikes

3. Bike Sharing Programs

B-CycleCommunity Ride in Denver, Colo. from B-Cycle

Dave Kingsbury, a bike commuter who rides 3,200 feet [975 meters] down a local mountain to work each day (even in the winter), also appreciates the ease of borrowing a bike. As a board member of Colorado’s B-Cycle bike sharing program, Dave has had the opportunity to help make more bikes available to more people.

There when you want one, gone when you don’t, shared bikes through programs like B-Cycle allow you to borrow bicycles you’ll never have to carry up your stairs, put on a bus, worry about storing, locking or being stolen. Just pick up a bike from a station, ride it across town, and return it to another station.

4. Bike-Centric Community Events

Maglianero CafeMaglianero Café

Michael Jager, founder of bike-centric Maglianero Café in Burlington, Vermont, has found a way to build enthusiasm for biking and to inspire more people to ride their bikes by organizing bike-based community gatherings like the Turkey Chase ride.

Getting local influencers and leaders to participate in these events is also valuable. By participating, they create an aspirational space that shows that biking is “doable, acceptable, meaningful, social, sexy and interesting.”

5. Comfortable, Durable and Elegant Crossover Clothing

David Richter believes that it’s possible to look good and feel good while bike commuting, which is why he carries brands he loves that make clothing he would wear himself, like Parker Dusseau, at his bike shop, Metier Racing and Coffee in Seattle, Washington.

Parker DusseauCommuter Blazer & Pant from Parker Dusseau

Parker Dusseau exemplifies how seamless it can be to commute by bike, hop off the saddle, walk into work and never skip a beat. With jackets like Parker Dusseau’s Utility Travel Blazer, built for durability and range of motion, bike commuters don’t have to sacrifice style for traveling by bike.

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