Biking to Work at Facebook

If you haven’t tried it, you might be surprised to find out that biking to work is less of a chore and more of an added bonus. People in all walks of life have discovered that by bike, the journey to work can be therapeutic, a way to squeeze in some fitness and way more fun than sitting in traffic.

When the weather is nice, or at least not treacherous, Tina Kulow sets off on a 15k bike ride to her job in the European Corporate Communications Team at Facebook in Hamburg, Germany. Along the way, she stops and takes a photo at the same spot each day and posts to Instagram.. At the end of the year, she’ll print a book that displays how the seasons change a particular spot over the course of one year.

"To me, biking isn’t a philosophy, it’s just a part of my life."

“To me, biking isn’t a philosophy, it’s just a part of my life. I like the exercise, but I also really like clearing my head,” explains Tina. She started biking as a child, learning on a foldable bike with training wheels. These days she mostly rides an old city bike, orange and of Scandinavian design. She also purchased a Cervelo road bike that she uses on the weekends and hopes to participate in a few big organized rides.

On some level, Tina’s employer also recognizes the benefit of cycling. Tina often travels to Facebook’s US headquarters in California. There, in order to navigate such a large campus, bikes are provided for the employees to use. There’s even a bike shop on campus that will fix your personal bike if something breaks or you just need some standard maintenance. “This immediately struck me as something that I liked about our culture,” said Tina.

Tina has been in communications since the beginning of her career, starting in TV she moved to one of the first interactive digital agencies in Germany. Later on, she owned her PR agency for 10 years where she worked with small and big players in the tech industry, such as Elgato and Facebook. She came on to work for Facebook in 2011 and currently heads a team out of the Hamburg office. Working for a company with the mission to make the entire world more connected and open, Tina has no easy task but she’s up for the challenge.

Tina is determined to keep cycling as a part of her life. Several years ago, she had a bad cycling accident. With the temperature hovering around freezing, Tina hit some slippery pavement, flew off of her bike and landed on her jaw, breaking it severely. For weeks she had to have her jaw wired shut and endured substantial pain.This served as only a minor set back, Tina was on the bike again soon after her recovery. And if you travel to Hamburg today, you just might see Tina on her orange bike, cruising past the Elbe river, clearing her head, getting some fresh air and working on her next book of Instagram photos.