Our 6 Most Coveted Bike Fashion Essentials

Riding your bike doesn't have to put a cramp in your style. If you are a cycling aficionado, you can ride your bike and stay on top of your fashion game with these seasonal essentials. Here's what we love right now:

Duffle Backpack #2 by Kika NY

The Duffle Backpack #2 by Kika NY is our dream commuter bag. Sleek and surprisingly lightweight at only 1.5 lbs (.68 kg), this artisanal leather bag stores your daily essentials in style. With a streamlined and sophisticated feel, the bags offered by Kika NY are crafted entirely out of wear-resistant Italian leather.

Kika NY founders Kika Vliegenthart and Sabine Spanjer, who design and hand cut each bag at their studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City, value quality and craftsmanship. The duo told the New York Times: “If something breaks — even if it’s in 10 years — we want to know; we will fix it.”

Whether you are biking to work or hopping on a plane, the Duffle Backpack #2 makes a great companion.

BKR Glass + Silicon Water Bottles

BKR makes beautiful glass water bottles based on runway trends in New York, London, Paris and Milan. The glass and silicon bottles are always BPA-free, phthalate-free and available in a variety of fresh colors, like opaque purplish navy and sheer dusty black.

The silicon casing makes the bottle soft and easy to hold while you pedal and the spill-free seal will keep your things dry if you keep it in your backpack. A small opening makes it easy to sip from while aboard your bike without having to twist off the cap.

The bottles range in size from 250 mL to 1L. We really like the concept of the miniature 250 mL bottle.

Pack Jacket by Rapha

We love the style and stow-ability of the Pack Jacket by Rapha, designed to be the companion of any urban commuter cyclist. Windproof and water-resistant, the Pack Jacket folds down into its own storage pouch and it’s made from a lightweight nylon fabric with improved stretch so you don’t feel restricted when riding.

Reflective tape on the hem and on the collar enhance your visibility to oncoming traffic when cycling after the sun goes down. This is the best raincoat to keep in your commuter pack at all times, especially in places where weather can transition from Winter to Summer within the hour.

Levi's Commuter 541 Athletic Fit Denim

Levi’s Commuter Collection set the standard for all the commuter cycling apparel brands to follow, and despite the variety of cycling-specific commuter denim available, we love Levi’s Commuter 541 Athletic Fit Denim the most.

Made of stretch fabric that is water repellent, other key features that truly make these jeans ready to wear on any bike ride are the jeans’ reflective details, u-lock holder, and higher-back rise for coverage while on your bike.

Striped Merino Tee by Parker Dusseau

Who says you can’t wear wool in the summertime? The Striped Merino Wool Tee from Parker Dusseau is made to be thermo-regulating, odor resistant, wicking and highly breathable. Plus, you can feel good knowing Parker Dusseau sources their merino wool from sheep in New Zealand protected by the New Zealand Animal Welfare Act. This stylish shirt fits summer to a tee.

Lululemon Leader of the Pack Shorts

Lululemon’s Leader of the Pack Short II are designed specifically for cycling, and even include a no-show padded chamois for comfort on long rides. The breathable mesh fabric is lightweight and wicks away moisture where you tend to sweat most. The mesh around the hem alludes to polka dots, adding a feminine touch. Lululemon also made a matching cycling specific women’s jersey to polish off the look.