Skratch Labs Pastry Chef Dishes on Food and Her Life on Two Wheels

Lentine Alexis Zahler, 35-year-old pastry chef, Rapha women's brand ambassador, writer and "adventure artisan," has already lived multiple lives. She's lived and traveled overseas, worked as a journalist and yoga instructor, and raced bikes professionally.

She's always hungry for exploring new places, new recipes, and in her role at Skratch Labs, new ways to create more community through food. Get to know this wonder woman, who despite her diverse interests, has remained dedicated to navigating everyday life aboard her bike.

Photo: Kevin Scott Batchelor

Where are you from originally?

Boulder, Colo. Then I left for a long time...

Tell us about that.

I moved to Upstate New York for college, then I worked as a journalism intern in Italy. I spent some time after that in North Carolina before moving to the island of Okinawa in Japan for 5 years (one of the happiest places on earth!). Next was Portland, then San Francisco, and now I’m happy to call Boulder home again.

You are a Rapha brand ambassador. What’s that like?

Rapha’s women’s ambassador crew is a totally different beast compared to other teams I’ve been a part of. No pro riders, just adventure seekers. As a female cyclist, this has been totally transformational. The 18 women on the team get along like peas and carrots; we innately connect on the bicycle. There’s no competitive nature, and in the year I’ve been involved, we’ve already tackled things together that I wouldn’t have dreamt of tackling with other women I’ve known for years.

lentine laughing

The women in this group encourage each other to go harder, go deeper, to just keep walking through it. On a ride in the middle of nowhere if someone is feeling like crap, sniffling, losing it, there’s no explanation necessary, we say ‘I’m here, I’m here to support you.’ We’ll keep going.

Oh, I almost forgot! We also get to wear these really cool clothes!

What led you to becoming a women’s ambassador for Rapha?

Before Rapha, I raced as a sponsored Luna triathlete for 3 years while I lived in the Bay Area. It was a very community oriented women’s team. I had to leave Clif Bar in order to begin my new endeavor with Skratch Labs.

What drew you to work for Skratch Labs? Why do their products matter to athletes and bike commuters alike?

The mission at Skratch is broader than just making superior nutrition bars. It’s also about inspiring people, and giving them the tools to take better care of themselves and their families. We’re are creating a whole clearinghouse of information. We want people to re-learn those invaluable ‘home economics’ skills that they’ve lost.

lentine on bikePhoto: Kevin Scott Batchelor

A lot of people commute by bike for ecologically driven reasons, but they may not consider the ecological implications of what they’re choosing to eat. They may not understand that cooking at home can have a positive impact on the environment.

How long have you been a bike commuter? How did you get started commuting by bike?

I started commuting by bike in earnest in the Bay Area. I still ride the same 7-speed cruiser by Public Bikes.

Do you have any commuting essentials?

Oh my god, yes! I have a fantastic waxed leather Brooks bag that I’ve used forever.

rapha polka dots

It has a little pocket where I can easily grab my credit card, so I don’t get frustrated and lose things in the bag. I usually have headphones with me, but I use those for calls, not really music.

My Rapha women’s jeans are really comfortable. I also keep a reflective rain coat with me from Rapha. It has polka dots and I love it!

Favorite stops along your route in Boulder?


I live in North Boulder and commute by bike to work at Skratch a few miles across town. One thing I actually love about riding my bike is that I don’t get caught in all these extraneous tasks, I enjoy keeping my commute pretty simple, but I do love to stop by Boxcar Coffee Roasters and pick up groceries.