A Holiday Survival Guide by Bike

Like it or not, the holidays are here. As you’re making your lists (and checking them twice), you may think that it’s time to swap out your bike for something with more horsepower. But don’t despair; you can still accomplish all of your holiday tasks by bike. All you need is some prep and some old-fashioned bikegenuity and you can turn your two-wheels in a proper holiday carriage.

Here are some ways to stay safe (and sane) while navigating the holidays from your saddle.

Get Creative with Cargo

Don't let the lack of trunk space deter you. Your bike already carries you; it’s plenty capable of carrying your holiday haul. Between cargo racks, baskets and bungee cords, there are lots of ways to turn your bike into a workhorse. For example, you can strap a suitcase to the back rack or carry a case of wine in a front cargo bucket. Even moving a Christmas tree is easier than you think. Just remember to choose your tree wisely. Yes, an 8ft. Douglas fir would look lovely in your living room, but it won’t be a pretty ride home.

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Stay Out of Traffic

Maybe you can’t avoid the mall, but you can avoid mall traffic. All you need is a smart navigation system, like with the COBI app. COBI gives you turn-by-turn directions, specifically for bikes. Trust it to steer you down bike lanes and quieter streets for a much safer and enjoyable commute. Also, forget about endlessly circling for a parking spot. Just lock up to the nearest corral and hit the shops. As an added bonus you’ll have more time to find the perfect gift.

Stay Charged

Between shopping, last minute errands and parties, you’re working overtime. So is your phone. Somewhere between eyeing the dessert tray and giving directions, it needs a recharge. Good thing that COBI charges your phone while you ride. You’ll show up fully charged and ready to mingle. Because do you really want your first words to the hostess to be “can I charge my phone?”

Stay Visible

You’ve just left a party and now it’s dark, the weather is iffy and people have been indulging in liquid cheer. This is not the time to fumble with dinky blinkies. That’s why COBI’s AmbiSense Lights are a brilliant addition to your bike. The integrated sensor-based system turns on automatically while you ride. You’ll always be visible to cars, other cyclists and who knows, maybe even a low-flying sleigh.

Stay Fit

Pumpkin pie, eggnog, figgy pudding. The holidays are ooh so delicious, but not so nice on our waistlines. You can still sneak in some fitness when you bike between events. When it’s time to visit the relatives, just hop on your bike and pop in your earbuds. COBI can pull tunes straight from your library so you can do the Jingle Bell Rock while you cruise around town. You’ll be so full of holiday spirit, you might not notice when the fitness tracker says you’re ready for another slice of pie.